how to build cpuminer-opt on windows


Installing the Software:

  • Install GNUStep msys, core and devel in this order

  • Run the win-builds installer and select Cygwin or MSYS and x86_64, add the http mirror as shown in the example ( and select C:\GNUStep as install dir
    Note: for myself the download from within win-builds installer failed and i had to resort to this documentation on how to download the packages with wget and use the downloaded folder as http mirror

  • Install all packages in win-builds by clicking Proccess

  • Execute the msys.bat inĀ C:\GNUStep\msys\1.0

  • Be sure to extend your PATH variable to include /c/GNUstep/msys/1.0/opt/windows_64/bin/ from within your msys shell.
    To do so either execute PATH="/c/GNUstep/msys/1.0/opt/windows_64/bin/:$PATH"

    or create a bash script with this command so you can easily update your PATH

  • now just change to C:\GNUStep\msys\1.0\home\<USERNAME>\<cpuminer-opt-src> and execute the buildscript


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