using pfsense as a router and transparent proxy

When moving into my new flat as a bachelor student of computer science, i had access to gbit internet, sadly with a montly limit of 30GB, but there where ways around that using a proxy.

Seeing that pyload consumed more than 2Ghz in the vm downloading at only 10MB/s i decided to go with jdownloader which would only draw ~1Ghz at 50MB/s

I quickly noticed that my small Mikrotik RB750GL Router was at its limit with transparent proxying to the global proxy at ~10MB/s, so i searched for alternatives, and just used the retired AMD E-350D for that. Installing a second TP-Link gbit NIC and using another 16GB USB thumb drive where pfsense would reside i was able to push the limits to ~50MB/s for transparent proxying.

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