storageserver software change

After reading more about bit-rot and how to prevent it i stumbled upon ZFS and BTRFS. Both offer block-level checksums so if your pool consists of mirrors or is parity based you can recover from such bit-rots with the normal raid recovery process of copying from the correct mirror or reconstructing from parity. For ZFS there where the following OS’es to consider: opensolaris based distros like openindiana or illumos, FreeBSD based distros like FreeNAS or NAS4Free or building on a linux distro of choice with zfsonlinux. For BTRFS, which is still in development as of writing this, i didn’t consider to use, as the raid5/6 implementation is still not as stable as i need it. I ended up with FreeNAS and a second 16GB USB thumb drive to mirror the boot pool.

Another nice feature that comes with COW filesystems: snapshots, and via vfs module nicely integrated into the SAMBA mount on windows clients to browse.

The downside of ZFS in this case is: more RAM, i upgraded with 16GB to a total of 20GB

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