expanding the storageserver

When my amount of data reached ~9TB i decided its time for an upgrade, and reading about optimal numbers of disks for raid5/6 i decided to go with 8+1/2 depending on raid5/6 which means a total of 9 or 10 disks with a usable capacity of ~24TB

i upgraded to 10 disks with raid6, because more disks means more possible failures and having 2 disks that can fail gives more peace of mind.

This time i opted in for WD Red’s as they offer more reliability and are built for 24/7

I also needed to buy an PCIe to SATA Controller, i chose to use a cheap one, expecting it to deliver the performance of the 4 SATA Ports attached. Well it doesnt, it does roughly 150MB/s total but thats ok, im limited by my gbit link anyways and rebuilds happen at 60-80MB/s per drive which is also ok.

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